Is sole custody after divorce fair for the child?

Sole Custody of the Child
Sole Custody of the Child

Divorce is a complete package of agony, pain and uncertainties. The separation brings much of changes in the child’s life too.

On many occasions it is observed that a parent, who is quite independent to handle things alone, claims for “sole custody” of the child. This is not only the sign of independence but also a matter of ego and separating the other parent from the child.

Cases where the divorce is preceded by domestic violence, kidnapping and other bitter experiences one of the parents get the sole responsibility of the child. In such cases the concept makes a great sense.

Otherwise, this concept might be proven to be brutal on the other parent who is barred from enjoying his or her parenthood. It is taxing for the child also, as he is devoid of the love and affection of one important figure in his life.

This concept could be quite acceptable by somebody who does not want to take any extra responsibility. For those, who want to become a good parent in spite of having differences with the spouse it may not sound justifying.

The factor to be noted down is an individual might not be a good spouse or partner but can always be an excellent parent, stopping such a person from meeting his responsibilities merely to satisfy the ego does not make much of a sense.  

A child needs care and guidance from both the parents. Absence of any one of them can always make his childhood an incomplete one.

The parent who is keen to take sole custody of the child should also realize one thing that parenting is an everlasting responsibility. There can be moments when alone one may get exhausted meeting all the roles in one life.

Hence experts always advise to allow the divorced parents to jointly make big decisions of the child’s life so that there is always a second opinion about whatever one is doing for the child.

The child also feels confident seeing both the parents participating in his life.

There would be a phenomenal change in the child’s confidence on getting the support from both the parents.

Consider once again if you have any plans of divorcing your partner and asking for sole custody of the child. Unless, your partner has committed any crime you can still think of sharing the rights of your child with your partner. Even if there are no other gains, at least your child would feel confident.