Is the present generation woman more calculative about the pros and cons of a relationship?

Women in 20s
Women in 20s
Women in 20s

The woman in her twenty, who has come out of the college quite recently, and has got into a job, so effectively she is left with a man. This would be the man who may turn out to be a partner for life or the association may get terminated much before it gets changed to a marital bond. And amid all this the woman these days, calculate every single bit of the pros and cons of being in the relationship.

What are the calculations made by the women?

When she first gets into an association, she tries to fit this into her life, which includes both professional and personal one. There was a time when a relationship was only based on the emotional drive, today the scene has changed. She has to see, if the relationship will affect her career and professional life, if it would be interference or a facilitator. She also evaluates whether she would be responsible for the entire household and brining up children, later in life, alone or she would receive equal contribution from her male partner too. She tries to make a projection on financial security too and hence she calculates the savings, the investments and more precisely the retirement plans as well.

Are there different kinds of women?

Yes, there are, some would not get into the calculations in detail, some would do. There would be one category, which would be financially independent and would not give much attention to the man’s financial and professional attribute. There would be another cattery wherein the women would be making a comprehensive analysis about the present and projected future of the life she may have.

Can it be proven to be wrong?

Probably not, because with changing trends the thought process and even the definition of a bond gets changed. It is the demand and the need at work place which largely forces a woman to get so calculative. She cannot be held responsible for associating personal and professional lives; it is probably the changing tone of the society itself.

Is it only calculation in a relationship?

Sometimes, the relationship could be a casual one, where two people get associated merely because they want a company. And such associations are largely superficial even if there exists an “intimate relation” between them. They mostly give company but there is probably no long term future of such relationships.

The changing trend in the society has changed the meaning and structure of various human relations too. In today’s scenario when there are women who are more independent than they were before, have to look into the consequences of being with a man as well. And this is because any such relationship would affect them not only emotionally but even professionally too. Making an all-round evaluation and examining the facts to know the pros and cons is quite justified for the present generation of women.