Is there a guy who is flirting upon you? How would you be sure about it?

A guy flirting on a girl
A guy flirting on a girl
A guy flirting on a girl

There has been a guy in your office and he is flirting upon you. But, you are not aware of it or you are not sure about it. You may have realized it only when your colleague pointed it out to you.

There are following signs of a guy flirting with you

  • Fixing his hair: the guy is trying to fix his hair again and again which is again a subconscious way to catch your attention towards him.
  • The way he looks: Many a times you have caught him looking at you but he turns away his eyes when they meet with yours. He may keep staring at you even hen you all are in a crowd.
  • Attempt to touch you: he will rarely miss a chance to touch upon you whenever he gets a chance because he likes you. While he is giving an object to you, or he is taking one from you or he is trying to help you pass through a crowded place, he would always make an effort to get every chance of touching you.
  • Talking something that leases you: From source he would try and found the likes and dislikes of yours and would try to talk and sinus things that keep you happy.
  • Gifting you along with someone else: he will look for a reason to give you a gift, if he doesn’t get one then he will do the same for you and for any other person he is also in the same place.
  • Dressing up well: you will see a change in his dressing style, after he has developed a crush upon you. He will try and wear colors of your choice so that he can impress upon you.
  • A soothing smile: You will always see him smiling whenever you look at him, no matter how the things are.
  • Putting his hands on his waist or in the pocket: Experts of Body Language say that this is a sign to attract the partner’s attention towards oneself especially at those body parts. And if you see this guy doing all this it would be a subconscious act.
  • Looking for a chance to be with you: he will always try to drop your home or you may find him standing at the stop where you take your transport from office. If you see him more than often, then never take it as a coincidence, it is a planned act because he is flirting with you.

When you are working or studying you may come across someone who likes you, but he is not able to come and speak to you directly about his feelings. In this case you would see him flirting around with you in every possible way. This could start from offering you a lift or even looking at you when no one notices him doing so. You must know the signs which confirm that someone is flirting upon you.