Jamie Campbell and Bonnie Wright seem to be parting ways

Campbell and Wright part ways
Campbell and Wright part ways

The couple Jamie Campbell and Bonnie Wright, the stars of Harry Potter Series started their relationship almost two years back.

They had confirmed sometime in the early months of 2010 about them dating each other. They had disclosed their relationship to the world and were very proud and happy about the same. Even then they were tight lipped about their marriage.

They were spellbound with each other on the sets of “Harry Potter”.

The pair got engaged in April this year but it was a secret for others.
They were first recognized as a couple at BAFTA Soho House grey Goose after party at the Grosvenor House hotel sometime last year. They were dating each other for more than two years.

According to a recent report the couple who got formally engaged has called it quits now. An inside source said that “it was amicable but things were not going right for quite some time. “People are trying to guess hard the reasons for the couple to split.

For those who have spotted Campbell and Lily Collins holding hands and moving towards a local café together is not hard to understand the reasons for them to get separated.

Both Collins and Campbell are 23 and are shooting together for a new film.

On last few occasions they have been spotted together and have been playing the role of partner for each other. The relationship looks more than friendship.

Looking at the series of events, one can always term it as a case of “Emotional Infidelity” and “Incompatibility”.

After being into a relationship for more than two years the couple realized that they need to part ways and are not compatible enough to mature the relationship into marriage.

Also, the intimacy which can be seen between Collins and Campbell supports the thought of “emotional Infidelity”.

Campbell was probably not satisfied with Wright so he must have decided to walk off the bond. He then started bending towards Collins. They are spotted together holding hands, looking at each with admiration and love. Even on the sets they want to spend more and more time with each other.

The early break up could also be due to the age at which Campbell and Wright got engaged; probably it was too early for them.