Kardashians’ Roundup: Kim Now Dating Kanye West?

The new lover on the block for Kim kardashian
The new lover on the block for Kim Kardashian


Its known by all that Kim and Kayne have been dating seriously from past many years, but there was some kind of on and off for both of them. However, after playing hide and seek for many years, the starts have finally broken the news of their revived relationship.

The news of their alleged relationship is taking rounds after their conversation about romance on ‘Today’. Moreover, the couple has also been spotted getting out of Kayne’s residence building dressed in the same set of clothes worn in the prior night.

More details of the spicy story

  • Even after so much hype about her romantic alliance with Kayne, the reality TV star still giggles when she is asked about her companion. In her own words: “I and Kayne are good friends for years and you cannot expect the future. I don’t know exactly what my life has in store for me”.
  • Kim is undergoing a rough phase of life because of the awaited divorce from her husband Kris Humphries. The duo had filed a divorce merely 1 ½ months after their marriage, but Kim with due respect to her husband is not talking about her new love life. She told that she doesn’t want to talk about this entire thing prior to her divorce. “I don’t want to involve him (Kris) in this situation and want to close this chapter as soon as possible. I am quite willing to move on”, told by Kim.
  • It seems as if Kim is extremely keen to find her new love and hopefully she had found that in Kayne, as both the celebrities have started hanging around together. They were seen with each other watching the movie “The Hunger Games” and even went together on the sets of “Sleep No More” to see the production. Later in that day, the starlet must have visited the rapper’s home as she was leaving the house early in the morning. The whole day of happenings had rang the bells in the buzzword that is always ready to catch hold of a hot new celebrity relationship.

Meanwhile, the glamor world is also throwing light on Kim-Kayne’s ‘age-old’ romance. It has been rumored that this alliance is not new, but very old and secretive. Both the stars were in an undisclosed relationship that from past many years even Kayne was reportedly dating Amber Rose and Kim was married to Humphries.

“It was Kim, because of whom I and Kayne broke up. She is a home-breaker and both of them deceived on me”, told by Amber Rose to ‘Star Magazine’.