Lessons from first marriage are not repeated in the second one

Second marriage can be happier
Second marriage can be happier

Psychologists inform that there many cases when the first marriage did not work out but the second marriage rocks. There are stories of success when the same person is more successful in holding the marriage bond in the second relationship much better than what and how he or she did in the first one.

There are reasons for making the second relationship more successful than the first one. Some of them are:

You have become more mature

With time an individual grows and learns more about everything around him or her. This makes things easier when you get into the second relationship. You know the ways of handling it; you know the emotions better and have more patience and tolerance than your first marriage.

You’re not in a hurry

Mostly it is observed that people when marry for the first time, since it is a fresh experience in life they hurry up with the things. They make hurried decisions without even understanding the compatibility and other factors which are needed to sustain a marriage. In the second relationship, people are careful in making decisions which help them to make the right choice. Hence the probability of breaking the relationship gets reduced.

You’ve no false expectations

Now that you have burnt your fingers once, you have learnt to have no false expectations from your partner. Life has brought you more proximate to the realities and hardships, so you’re not in the world of fantasy. This saves a lot of hassles in your relationship.

You’ve learnt to agree

Without any doubt the ego which stopped you from agreeing with your partner has now been taken over by wisdom and understanding, hence you learn to agree and respect your spouse’s view. In most of the cases, disagreement is the root cause of “foul smell”. With your changed attitude things are likely to get simpler.

You don’t have the stamina to undergo a new change

Emotionally people get drained out in break up. The first relationship must have left you with an “emotional bankrupt” stage. SO, you try and find out the best aspects of your relationship so that it works till your last day of life.

Working out the second marriage gets simpler than the first one, not because situations have changed but because your perspective has changed.

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