Live- in – a Trial for Marriage?


Live-in defined:
Live-in is a bold alternative to the custom of marriage. It is an assembly similar to marriage but without getting married actually. It is very common in the western countries as well as in India. Today it is no longer absurd for a man and woman to live together. The Indian society is changing very rapidly. The changes are happening so fast that it is very tough to find out the actual reasons for going against marriage.
Many couples living together take it as a test drive before getting married. Thereafter they decide to either marry or not to but very slowly.
The number of couples living together in India is increasing day by day. This hike is a result of gradual adoption of western culture.

Why do couples prefer to live –in rather than getting married:

There are many reasons for choosing live-in relation. Either they do not do not want to get married at all in their lives or they avoid the hurdles of a hasty divorce. Some couples consider that marriage is not their cup of tea though live-in does not contain any legal binding.
Some couples want to test their compatibility before taking the final decision to marry. Many couples wish to want to continue with their single status. There are again some couples who cannot marry for some legal hurdles. Either they are already married to someone else or they are prohibited for financial conditions.
Some couples think in live-in relation they can avoid many legal issues unlike the married couples. Today marriages are no longer desirable and inspiring for many people. They long to come out of the clutches of the conservative society.
Most of the people feel that couples living together are more prone to divorce. But that is not always true. In fact couples getting married without living together are more against divorce. Marriage is a lifetime bonding with each other which is not easy to dissolve. On the other hand it is very easy to move apart for the couples staying in live-in relation. Some couples consider that marriage is an unnecessary religious custom. Many are scared of the rights accompanied with marriage such as maintenance, etc.
For many couples living together is easier than getting married. It requires no formalities unlike marriage. Though this kind of assembly lacks various legal protections as observed in marriage, still most of the younger generations choose live-in relation.