Live –in Relation: Legal perspective


Live-in Relation Defined: To constitute a live in relationship a couple has to stay together without undergoing marriage. The union must be similar to that of marriage.
Essentials of Live-in Relationship: To constitute a live-in relation a couple must be otherwise competent to marry. They ought to be of a legal age to marriage. One of the essence of such a relation is that such couples should cohabit together voluntarily for a considerable period of time.
 Circumstances not amounting to live-in relation: Merely spending weekends together or spending a couple of days together does not amount to a live-in relation, as held by different courts.
It is necessary that the staying together must be for a long period of time.
 Legal View Point of Live-in Relationship: Presently the number of couples staying under live-in relationship is increasing with the passing of time, as such it is very much necessary to understand the relation from the legal point of view.
Today courts are going in favor of enforcing express contracts between non-marital partners.

Effects of torturing woman living under live-in relation: It is very often found that women living under live-in relation are tortured. Now courts are of a view to protect the rights of such women.

Even in some cases such women are entitled to get monetary relief in certain cases. They are protected against financial abuses by their male partners.

Present Scenario: Live-in relationship is becoming legal in most of the countries of the world.
Today more couples opt for entering into such relation rather than going for marriage mainly for avoiding the hazards of a hasty divorce.

It is easier to move apart in a live-in relation instead of breaking up a lawful marriage.
Though such relation is a threat to the traditional family system, still it is getting popular day by day. Legalization of such a relation is likely to destroy the concept of marriage.

Legal` Status of Children Born out of Such Re1ation: Though live-in relation is getting legalized but children out of such association is often considered to be illegitimate. Their rights of inheritance are not at par with children born out of wedlock.

Live-in relation is a contractual one. It is born out of contract and not out of custom. Normally such relation creates no legal binding