Live In relation – Whether Helpful to make a Healthy Live Together?


Today the increasing craze for westernization is leading to shifting of tradition and culture. Live in relationship is a new trend in the changing world.
Today people go for it to find a better alternate of marriage .They prefer the relation in order to avoid the hazards of a divorce. Marital bond is often a way of curtailment of their liberty. It is often a burden to those who give priority to their career.

Legal status of couples living in live-in relation:
The law relating to Legal status of couples living in live-in relation is different in different Nations. In the UK, live in couples do not enjoy legal status s similar to married couple. In France the law permits them to enjoy the rights given to married couples in the areas of income tax, housing and social welfare. The live in relation were given legal sanction in Scotland in the year 2006.

Present status of such a relation:

Today the relation gives a carefree life to many people .Legal obligations are less. Bindings are almost absent. It gives freedom to both the partners. They can escape many obligations unlike marriage. They can break up at any moment they wish. No legal proceedings required for dissolving the bond.

Legalizing live in relationship means that modern laws need to be framed for governing the problems arising out of the relation. The problems like maintenance, inheritance are to be adjudicated in the light of those laws.
The relation involves escapism and no bond can be strong enough to be long lasting if an escape route is available. People try to enjoy the fruits of marriage without taking the responsibilities through a live-in relation.
The trend has been borrowed from the west and now it is being popular in the east also. But there are very few people who think seriously about its effects. It is against the society and culture and a very serious threat to the rich culture of the eastern countries. This new modernization aims to destroy the family structure. It is the family structure that holds the society and a live-in relation is far from it. It will weaken the family concept and the society will be largely affected by it.