Live in Relationship- a much discussed issue

Live In couple
Live In couple

Society changes with time and so does the thought process of individuals. Probably the meaning of relationship also changes with the changing equation of social structure.

There was a time when there was only one relationship between a man and a woman who did not share a “blood term” and that was of “husband and wife”.

Gradually with the growing complexities the relationship also grew more complex, people started becoming more ambitious and egoistic. With these, the tolerance level in a relationship started getting lesser especially in the one which is supposed to give equal standing to both men and women.

The equation of man and woman relationship got transformed and evolved into the new concept of

“Live in relationship”. It is an understanding between the two which allows them to live together even without getting married but enjoying all the benefits of a married couple.

Reasons for preferring “Live in relationship”

No commitment

Such an arrangement demands no commitment from both the man and the woman, yet all that can be commended from a spouse is well earned by both of them.

No legal procedure

For getting into such a bond one need not go for a legal permission and also while coming out of it one need not go through the prolonged process of divorce.

Litmus test

The two people into such a relationship can always test each other whether they can live their lives together or not. If they are not convinced they can come out of it any time they want.

No Social approval needed

Society’s permission is neither needed for getting into such an association nor for coming out of it. There is no date you fix up to start your life as a “live in partner”, neither do you need to invite people for your wedding. It can be an absolutely private affair however; involving others is your choice.


If you’re not in a position to run a family on your own earnings, so you don’t want to get married then you have this option where you will enjoy all the emotions of being involved at no cost.

Relationships are the most complex phenomenon of life. In the new era, where things have a different approach, probably live in relationship is nothing but an approach to make “marital relationships” a little simpler than before.