How my dreams got shattered when the girl told me “I am too ugly to date?”

Too Ugly to date
Too Ugly to date

Rejection is a reality but facing rejection is just too hard for anyone and everyone. Falling for someone is a feeling above all where your heart overrules whatever your mind says but rejection is the hard reality behind the romantic feelings, especially if some one is rude enough to say “you are too ugly to date”

Too Ugly to date
Too Ugly to date

Be open to rejections

No one desires to be rejected but as a rose comes with thorns similarly every good feeling also has both positive and negative facets to it. It is not necessary that the person whom you like will also like you or respond romantically just like you expect to. One should be open to rejections as well moreover such instances should not cripple your other relationships and life.

My story of facing a rejection


Moving to a new bigger city

Coming from a well to do family in a small city, I decided to make a move to some metropolitan for better career avenues. I was always a topper as far as studies were concerned but the other social things never bothered me. May be that is one of the reasons, I could never build my personality to be one suitable for a modern metro girl. Yes I fell in love but the girl turned down my proposal.

I had to come out of the shell sooner or later to fulfil my ambitions in life else my studies, degrees and my parents’ investment meant nothing for me. I decided to give it some time, to settle down in the so called hep culture where there were no demarcations meant for girls and boys. Everyone sailed in the same boat who worked long hours then either headed back straight home or partied till they finally dozed off.

When I met her

After making few good friends in the first five months, I moved into a shared apartment with my colleagues only to accommodate the expenses of staying in a big city. I was going good coping and gelling in the new found society and started partying to not be left behind in the crowd. And here is where all the trouble began – I fell for a girl. She worked in my roommates’ office, belonged to a high class family, earning more than me, with degrees from the topmost universities in her kitty. She was modern yet knew the boundaries well, she was a down to earth girl who valued friendship.

We partied together almost every weekend and my heart skipped a beat whenever I found her close to me. This was something new I was experiencing, I never had any girl whom I could call a good friend but she was special. She made me feel good. I forgot everything with her by my side and finally after knowing her for three months, I took the plunge and shared my feelings with her.

Rejection took me for a toll

high school student confused by love

It was already three weeks when I told her that I had fallen for her and after that could not gather the courage and confidence to face her. I have no idea whether it was my ego that got hurt or it was my broken confidence that didn’t let me approach her again or a fear of getting rejected again. I wanted to tell her that is it only looks that mattered and not the fact that I love her. Or the big one “I was not ready for a rejection.”

Yes I had never seen a rejection in my life. I always got what I wanted although it was all more or less related to studies and small town dreams only but this time it shook me from inside. Is it so difficult to face a rejection in your life? Even if you are rejected then is there a way ahead? Should you move on or give it yet another try? Did you make a move way too early? Or was your approach wrong? My mind was bombarded with myriad of questions and I decided to get the answers to that.

She gave me a lesson


I had not done anything wrong, I decided to try before I failed. That is how my life has always been. I called that girl and her voice no more mesmerized me, the way it did before. She spoke to me as if nothing had happened and we met the next evening. What stole my sleep for so many nights was a rejection because of my not so good looks? It was the girls’ outlook towards her life or maybe her stand towards romantic alliances that revolved around the personality of the guy and the status he had in society. I decided to move on, ready for rejections not only in personal life but professional as well.

What I learnt?

  • Every action has a reaction but not necessarily a favourable one so do not lose your spirits – someone somewhere is made for you and you will meet him/her soon
  • Every dream does not come true but that does not mean you stop dreaming; till the time you do not dream, how will you even plan to reach the sky
  • Rejection is common, you cannot get everything that you want however don’t let your mind be flooded with any unanswered questions since that can ultimately affect you at physical, mental and emotional levels
  • Do not procastinate, sharing your heart out is the best thing you can do so choose the time, place and person to share it out
  • Last but not the least, smart people have taken over intellignet people completely so work on becoming smarter rather than intellectual – it is your overall personality that matters