Is Infidelity only confined to making love outside marriage?

Infidelity is not just having relationship outside of marriage, it can also be inform of not giving due space ton your partner, or making personal life public



Do you think making love with someone outside marriage is the only way, one can cheat in a relationship? Or is it what infidelity is confined to? That your devotion to your partner can only be showed by making them your only sexual partners?

We are no more in the 19th century where all couples believed in producing babies and just spent the rest of their times doing all the other businesses in the world. The underlying meaning of relationships, marriages and that of a spouse have changed big time over the years. We are the smart phone generation where connectivity is what everybody looks forward to in life. Infidelity has taken over trust throughout. With all the advancements, we can definitely stay in touch with our partners at all times irrespective of where they are. So, if you have found yourself cursing your smart phones at times then these things, you need to ask yourself!!

Residual attention for spouse – NO!!!

Portrait of unhappy woman arguing with man in bedroom

Girls always have their best friends and men – they will anyways, always be men! But the spouse comes first. Spouse should be your first priority, which they rightly deserve. It’s more of a duty and interdependence to provide our spouse with exclusive attention and enjoy the same from them. If you are only giving the residual attention to your partner then you are cheating on them Mate! Infidelity takes on from here!!

Making personal life public!!!

True, things happen between us and our spouse but how Ok is it to gossip and if gossip then how much? Is it really worth to make things public or look out for comfort with someone else? If you are making your private life open to people, no matter how close these people are to you, you are cheating. Infidelity is not only restricted to four walls, the moment you go public for an illegal relation, is infidelity.

Space can’t come at the cost of your relationship


It is fine to take time out in the name of “my time” but does it really need to break the heart of your beloved partner who wants nothing except your time? If you think you can have more fun-filled outings with anybody but not your spouse then you really need a reality check. It’s not the situation, jokes and places that make an outing valuable but the warmth present in a meeting that makes them valuable.

It takes no time to make a mistake, but building trust in relationship can take whole of life time

Reality check

Pensive man having a headache sitting on the bed with his girlfriend on the background

We live in busy worlds, everything is just as important – be it a visit to the salon, buying a new dress, shopping every weekend. But if these activities do not revolve around your partner, if all the looking good is not directed to your partner or if these tiny little outings are not done with your partner, even when they are around, you are too ahead in times and have lost the very purpose of what all this is meant for. Perhaps you need to recheck with yourselves, the very reason for being in a partnership/marriage.

Be wise

Someone has made a pass at you and you think it was not real but has happened… don’t give in to the temptation. It takes no time to make a mistake but in building a relationship – it takes a forever so be sensible – understand the importance of relationships and value them. The temptations that allure you are temporary but the impact they leave is irreversible.