Can divorce help you to be happy in life?

Post Divorce

 Break up between married couple leads to more problem in life

A majority of people are unhappy in their marriage and they want to break up legally. The important thing is they won’t be happy even if they remarry another person. In a divorce case half of the couples do not experience a high level of argument, because of not getting any happiness in their life they are deciding to do with divorce.

When individuals give up their high conflicts they can increase their happiness.  About 2 in 10 people are thinking to get a divorce to improve their lives and three in ten people like to do worse. Some other individuals want to build their romantic relationships, but they will get same issues what they had in a first marriage.  Divorce will neglect some issues with a spouse, but they may be a chance for other problems. For many couples, arguments will be raised after a divorce.A  lot of people report having some mixed feelings and also telling that they are regretting their divorce.  About three in four divorced people will remarry and however, second marriages having high divorce rates.

Aftermath of divorce will keep people happier?

Many people think that after divorce they are happy and also they assume that they divorce will solve the ore difficult problem. Sometimes it makes them happy. But studies say that most people are not happy after they divorce. There are lots of several factors which influence the divorce affect the people. Recent research shows that people who got divorced are getting less happier than the married couple.

Those who got divorced were not happy and the study also reveals the fact that  they didn’t find any difference in sense of mastery, self-esteem and rates of depression between the married couple  and divorced people. This will be true even if the person will remarry. If women getting violence in their marriage, divorce is must get away from the issue, which is important. They both  accepted  that had they put same efforts  in the first  marriage as they were put in the second marriage, first marriage itself would have worked. many studies report that divorcees generally don’t lead a happier life.

Reason for people getting divorce:

People who are getting divorced because of many reasons. People are forced to divorce even after five to seven years of married life because of high conflicts, mainly out of ego which they are unable to resolve. After ten to twelve years they are getting, owing to loss of connection and intimacy. These problems are caused between the couples because of cheating, dishonesty, Addiction, abuse and priorities. Divorced parent’s children are not showing interest in their marriage as the survey says that one-third of women not getting married, but some children are marrying to lead a happy life.