Why Marital Happiness in Early Stages of Married Life Matters in Old Age?

Partners is need most at Old Age. Stay happy in early life to have wonderful old age companion
Partners is need most at Old Age. Stay happy in early life to have wonderful old age companion

Marital Happiness at every stage of married life is a prerequisite to keep the relation going!!!

Partners is need most at Old Age. Stay happy in early life to have wonderful old age companion

We humans are preoccupied with the set of things that bring happiness to us and somewhere, we work blindly to attain happiness without even considering what happiness is. Marriage, about which it is mostly said that “A man is incomplete until he is married and after that he is finished.”

Yes! We want to marry but then we also have to criticize it, isn’t it? In spite of understanding and solving out our problems, we better choose to ignore it or just run away. Like our life, even marriage is full of vicissitude, at times, it gives us the best times of our life and at other times, it takes a lot in return especially if we talk about senior couples.

Extended Family Relaxing Together On SofaWhen a couple grows old, apart from their married life, they are burdened with their children’s life, health issues, finances and societal duties. So, at that point of time, they need mental and emotional assets to work consummately. And that asset of course is the satisfaction and marital happiness of those cherished memories of early stages of love, marriage and procreate.

When young, there are diverse ideas in regards to love, sex and marriage but with time, the enthusiasm erodes. Why? A valid one can be senility but is it worth destroying our happiness? Which we often do? No! It’s not. If you have the fortitude, it can never. And this fortitude is generated by the times and moments which we have spent in our early married life.

Good memories are legacies


Good memories are legacies. They give you reasons to giggle and empathize at times, when things may go against you. Even those minute to severe troubles, you faced in earlier stages gives you an idea and courage to deal with the current ones. To the old couples, an old photograph of their marriage album or post marriage celebration captured is a better source of reminiscence.

Celebrities married lives


If we talk about current scenario of love amongst celebrities, we have celebrities like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith who keep inspiring us by the concept of togetherness to the one like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who recently somehow failed in their relationship. Personalities like Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have given new outlook and dimensions to what successful relations and its workings are.

Homosexual love is difficult to sustain in this world of criticism but with true love, willingness to compete and trust in relationships, personalities like Ellen has made it so comfortable and has taken love to a whole new level. Also on the other side relations like that of Jolie and Pitt have enlightened how the storms can demolish your relation and probably you too.

Don’t let the fire extinguish


Initial stages in most of the relations are very easy going, full of love and fighting will but have you ever noticed that even if things turn out of favor, we fight with those problems rather than just quit. Why? Just because the love and our determination to carry that relation is strong and needed at that point of time. However, if same things happen after few years, most of us fail, not because our love is faded, not because we don’t want things to work, also not because if we don’t care, it’s only because we have let that fire inside us down that existed in the very beginning.

In such situation, the experience of early marital life and marital happiness serves as a perfect savior. A piece of it either adds or re-burns the fire inside you. So never quit to challenges of life instead fight back irrespective of your age, sex and creed. Just look at your past, study it, take a reference and then work accordingly.