Marital incompatibility may disturb children’s behaviour

Incompatible parents disturbed children
Incompatible parents disturbed children

Marital relationship is the most intimate relationship on the earth. People who become couples know everything about each other and depend on a huge magnitude for every small and big issue. With the passage of time couples know each other quite intimately. Sometimes, more than yourself your partner would know you and your behavioural pattern as well. This is where the conflicts begin from.

Conflict would be greater if “incompatibility” is more than required. Every couple cannot be exactly according to the wishes of the partner. There is always an element of “disagreement” and “difference of thoughts”. This how two individuals are made. When this crosses the “mild degree” and reaches a stage where everything done by the partner is perceived as a “fault” then it leads to incompatibility.

There is always an impact of such emotional issues on all spheres of your life starting from professional, behavioural, social and other spheres too.

If you’re blessed with children then they’re the worst affected ones. Every time they see their disturbed parents they wait for the moment when the parents would start arguing again.

Some of the effects are mentioned below

  • When they leave home and go to school they imagine their parents arguing over petty issues. When they come back home they enter the house with a fear in their heart they their parents must be fighting for some issue or the other.
  • Overall the environment becomes too unhealthy for their emotional and psychological growth. They start fearing every possible person and thing they come across.
  • They lose trust in any relationship, in fact they do not want to become friends with anyone in school or any other place they visit.
  • Such children start reserving themselves from expressing their needs and thoughts. They do not feel comfortable in a social crowd.
  • Thy avoid eye contacts with anyone new they come across.
  • They are always in dilemma whether to speak or refrain as they may suffer from the fear of being judged.
  • They may not perform well in school and might not like to participate in the mundane activities of school.
  • They lose respect for parents and instead of enjoying their company they start avoiding them.

Looking at the scenario it is always advisable to handle your incompatibility quite maturely so that your children do not come to sense the same. In spite of being incompatible a strong parenting can always be provided to the children if the at least the parents are compatible in raising the children.