Married and being taken for granted?

Married relationships

30th October: Marriage makes partners lose interest and take each other for granted.

There is more of discontent leading to more distorts and arguments among couples. And such things are tell-tale signs of a bad relationship in the making.

Married relationshipsSo, let’s see how we can avoid taking our partner for granted at any stage of our married relationship and make our marriage stay happy.

  • Appreciate–Couples seem to shy away from showing simple yet indispensable loving gestures to their partners. But, the point is such simple things like thanking your partner for day-to-day actions can do wonders to make the partner feel special and not anything as being taken for granted by the spouse.
  • Affectionate—Becoming affectionate with your spouse can give a much needed boost to staying happy ever after. So, whether its kisses, holding hands or any such loving gestures, you or your spouse must not hesitate to show affection to each other if you want to have a loving and a happily married relationship.
  • Respect—Respect here means mutual respect for each other. Marriage can stay happy and last long if its based on teamwork and not competition. Its all about sharing responsibilities and respecting each other equally.
  • Courtesy—Its good to be courteous, we all know that. But when it comes to applying this to our married relationship, we seem to remain oblivious. By exercising courtesy to each other, we can minimize resentments in our relationships.
  • Special—Remember the old golden days when you were enjoying the bliss of being newly married couple. At that time, you and your partner meant the whole world to each other. And now, after some years of marriage, your partner seems to have slipped down to end of your priority list. So, you need to affirm your partner(and your partner needs to do the same) that he or she is really significant to you.
  • Appearance—Marriage is not a license to dress shabbily or not keeping up your appearance when you are at home. You have all the more need to look your best even when you are not going out to show your partner that he is special.