Men are prone to infidelity if they have Childless Spouse

Childless couple
Childless couple

Cheating in relationship cannot be justified in any given circumstances but now a day’s infidelity cases are rising rapidly. Question arises why people are not loyal or faithful in their or her relationship. Answers and reasons are innumerable but some cases have resemblance.Is the percentage of men higher in such cases?

As we know both the genders are capable of cheating but the percentage of men are higher than that of women. In the modern world infidelity is common problem as every now and then famous personalities be it actors, politicians or renowned people are charged for infidelity. Infidelity is common trend now but can we say that childless spouse can be one reason of being unfaithful.

Childless Spouse-a cause for Infidelity

  • As we know various reasons are there for infidelity and one of the reason for men not being loyal to his spouse can be childlessness. Being childless can arouse lot of change in behavioral pattern which is psychological in nature and affects the relationship as well.
  • Many divorce cases filed on grounds of infidelity and in number of cases it was found that they are childless couple. This situation gave birth to the question that does men are more prone to infidelity if they don’t have child from their respective spouse. Answer can be yes.
  • The dissatisfaction in the family life and the desire to have a child and failing to accomplish that desire results in stress and change in behavior. The love between husband and wife are somehow start losing its charm.
  • The incomplete family somehow gave birth to chaos unhealthy environment. From here distance between the soul mate starts and now the soul mate doesn’t remain mate any more neither their soul remain in peace.
  • Men are emotionally weak but the pretend to be strong, so they search for support outside and in other women.
  • This fact cannot be denied that children are one of the important and essential factor in a marriage because of child the bonding between the couple get stronger as time passes.
  • Absence of child bring sadness, loneliness, emptiness in married life after a certain point of time. childless couple start to avoid their friend circle and family union as they can’t cope up with the state of childless couple,  this fact also destroy the harmony of childless couple and which sometime make men to stray and to seek support of other women.

This is also true that childlessness is not the only reason of why men commit infidelity. But the rate of divorces on grounds of infidelity made this fact evident that childless spouse is one of the reasons behind it and it is supported by statistics.