Miley relives 19th century bauble


Hollywood engagements are as famous as Hollywood divorces and splits. While on one hand we have a burnt Robert who was cheated on by his long-term girlfriend Kristen Stewart, we have singer and actor Miley Cyrus simply lusting over something these days.

The link? Miley Cyrus is lusting over the 18-carat Neil Lane diamond ring that her 22-year-old Australian boyfriend has presented as an engagement ring. Not too long ago, Robsten were heard checking out pieces of Neil Lane rings as well. The speculations over the validity of Liam-Miley engagement have already started, but let us discuss the ring for now.

The History

In some ways, Liam is the cutest boyfriend that a girl can wish for, a fact that Miley has grasped upon rather fast. The point was further proven when Liam actually remembered that Miley had mentioned something similar once and though no details have been given out as to how the proposal was carried out, Miley was thrilled that her boyfriend picked out the best and that too completely without her knowledge.

The intricate piece has a bit of a history attached to it as well. This beautiful ring dates back to the 1800s and is a hand cut diamond. Set in gold and with a beautiful design, how can anybody blame Miley for going bananas over her engagement ring?

The sweet couple have pretty much decided to have a lengthy engagement and Miley has also been quoted saying that the promise and the foundation of the relationship is more important to her and her boyfriend rather than the legal obligation and vows.

Coming from a 19-year-old girl in such an age shows not just true spirit but true commitment as well.

Folks at Home

The recently blonde Miley was seen flaunting her ‘old’ and ‘historic’ ring on the shoot for a reputed magazine of which she is the cover girl for the month of September.

The couple had met on the sets of their movie, The Last Song and has reportedly been together for three years. This also brings us to the question that has crossed the minds of several reading this. How do the parents of both kids feel about this engagement?

It has been reported that both sets of parents could not have been happier with such a progress and support their decision for a long engagement but are not opposed to the idea of marriage either.