Mistakes Made by Most Men on Dates


dating-couple-successLearning from our mistakes is a good quality to have in life. Those who willingly accept their own mistakes and think of ways how not to repeat them are the ones who can progress well in life. You tend to make more mistakes when you are too excited or too afraid. Going out for a date is one such activity.

Men tend to make careless mistakes as they are over-confident about themselves. Women, on the other hand, are very sensitive and so they are well prepared and well aware. Men are so over-confident that sometimes they don’t even realize that they have committed a mistake. It is when their girlfriend stops talking to them that they start worrying about what would have gone wrong.

Here are a few common mistakes men make during a date:

Disrespecting a Woman’s Emotions
Women generally are very sensitive beings. A careless word, a slight change in tone or an thoughtless gesture from men can flip the woman upside down. What the man thought was a joke may be received as an insult. What he thought was a casual gesture would be interpreted very seriously. A man needs to be aware of these sensitivities of a woman.

The other side of this sensitiveness is the fact that positive gestures that convey to her that you respect her and would take care of her can make her fall head over heels for you. A woman always wants to settle down in life with a gentleman who would take care of her.

Getting too Physical too Soon
Men have this feeling that if a woman has agreed for a date with them then she is all theirs. It is not true. Women are very protective about themselves. In fact, they are looking out for men who could give them more protection. So if the man whom the date, turn out like a predator ready to pounce on her, then she would run for her life.

It is important for men to give space to a woman to know and understand you better before she can start getting close to you. You can touch her only as much as she is comfortable with. Woman are very subtle with their body language, hence you need to be very alert about what they are trying to convey.

She Hasn’t Surrendered Yet
Men often try to control every aspect of the life of a woman whom they are dating. They fail to understand that the women are only dating them and have not yet committed themselves for a full time relationship. This eagerness of men to control the women often turns down a woman’s interest in a man.

Men should know that she is someone else’s daughter or sister and they are just fine taking decisions about themselves until they are fully committed to you.

The Trust Factor
This is another big mistake some men make with their dating partner. Once again, this comes from a feeling that once a woman has dated them then she is all theirs. They then are eager to know who else she is talking to. Who she just messaged on the phone? Why her phone was engaged? These questions can make a man very concerned and he starts pestering the woman for answers.

There is nothing more hurting for a woman than to know that the person, whom they love, does not trust them enough. This can shatter a woman.

So men would be wise to respect the woman whom they date and give them the time and space they need to trust you and get close to you before accepting you as their life partner.