Modern day couples and their challenges

Modern Day Couples
Modern Day Couples

When two people are absolutely convinced about themselves that they would be happy living their lives together, then they get married.

However, in most cases the equations start changing after a while. Prior to marriage the expectations which were fulfilled with ease by the loved one, now become a burden to him or her. Rather it starts looking like a demand. The possessiveness is observed as interference and silence as non-involvement.

Everything becomes an uphill task in solving minor issues between the two people who were highly convinced and sure about each other.

It is time to look into the reasons of the so called “incompatibility” arising between the two soul mates


Being ambitious is not bad in it but when it starts dominating your relationship then it takes control of your behavior too. It changes your thought process leaving you with a person who is busy achieving her own ambitions, sometimes at the cost of a valuable relationship like marriage.

Hectic Schedule

Even if you are not a “highly ambitious person”, you may get entangled with a heavy work schedule which would disrupt your energy level at home. You therefore, become a person who is too tired to even smile at your partner, leave alone spend happy moments with him or her.


With the passage of time society has seen a change in the tolerance level of people. There are issues which could be solved with a little patience from at least one of the partners. Unfortunately, either due to independence or due to overwork the tolerance takes a toll hence affecting the marriage adversely.

Mutual respect

With the advancement in the society, the mutual respect in a relationship is declining. Hence the view and thought of other person is not respected which will surely affect the bond.


Due to overworking people are mentally and physically too fatigued to make love or even admire each other. In fact, after getting married a sense of security sets in which sometimes bars you from praising your partner. The impact is greater and the relationship is jeopardized.

Emotional Independence

These days’ people are more confident than before, which brings in a lot of ego and also lessens the emotional dependence on the partner. Ultimately they grow the habit of not sharing everything mutually. They also want to send the message that they can live alone.

Hence the Modern day couples have a different chemistry than before which actually shakes their marriage leaving them into a state of emotional bankruptcy.