MTS commits to help victims of domestic violence in Manitoba


domestic violenceMTS announced a three-year commitment to help Aboriginal women fight against domestic violence in Manitoba. It is a 150,000 funding commitment made to the Red Road to Healing and Traditional Teachings (‘RRHTT’) program.

‘RRHTT’ program:

The program is a healing and prevention initiative against domestic violence which gives culturally-based education and support to the aboriginal women of Manitoba suffering from the evils of family violence.

Headed by a domestic violence expert, advocate, Shannon Buck, the program has been spotted by the Department of Justice in Canada as a promising move towards reducing violence and to safeguard the safety and security of the Aboriginal women in Canada.

Through traditional teachings along with individual support and counseling, RRHTT helps offenders to heal and reduce their tendency to repeat violence.

Ms. Buck has designed the program in collaboration with the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, an organization that works for those women who experience high levels of family violence. According to Ms. Buck a family can be destroyed due to the effects of domestic violence for generations. MTS also aims to expand the program.

The program would help women in their journey to recover from the effects of the violence inflicted upon them and to help them to pass their learning to their next generations in order to break the cycle of family violence.

The goal of the program is to make the community stronger. According to the MTS President, Kelvin Shepherd, Manitoba comes second in the rate of domestic violence in Canada on an average. The Red Road to Healing and Traditional Teachings program is getting good results and has sound potential. It will help to create healthier life for families in Manitoba, as claimed by the president.

Implementation of the program:

The RRHTT program will be effective from the beginning of the year 2014.  It will provide a number of “train the trainer” opportunities in rural parts of Manitoba every year. The initiative taken by the program will serve many women by training and supporting the service providers to deliver their own program.

MTS’s generous commitment to Manitoba will make a difference in the communities as claimed by the Minister of Family Services, Kerri Irvin Ross. The Manitoba government is committed to help the community members and the public at large. By working together domestic violence can be put to an end and a province having healthy and strong families can be made.

MTS’s support for the RRHTT program is a move towards commitment to the Manitoba Justice CELL Program. The new program aims to break the cycle of abuse of Aboriginal women against domestic violence in Manitoba.

The important program and their recognition are likely to have a positive impact over all people of Manitoba.