Nagging As a Cause of Infidelity in Men


Causes of Infidelity in Men:

What causes men to cheat whom they love? The answer deals with the way they feel about themselves and their partners.
There are many people who betray their partners as they are bored. This generally is not boredom with
their partner, but dissatisfaction with the present form of life. Instead of trying to do something on a self-help level, they seek stimulation from outside which turns their minds.

Nagging as a cause:

We all hate to be nagged and also hate to nag. Women hate it. Men hate it too. So why do we nag? Most important is to stop such nagging?
Many women sound like a broken record that everyone has tuned.” You’re having another cigarette? When did you clean your clothe? Did you clean the toilet yet?”These are some very common things a man hates.

Reasons of nagging:

We nag because we care. You nag before people whom you love very much. You cannot let them face their evil consequences.
Women usually are found to be more nagging than men. The reason behind it is the difference in Psychological behavior between a man and a woman.
When you feel that your loved ones are moving towards disaster, whether it is due to alcohol, drugs, or for smoking, you feel the necessity of saying something. But saying it again and again amounts to nagging.
Many naggers do not know the reason of their nagging. They have the opinion that their nagging helps a lot but they are mostly wrong.

Effects of nagging:

Nagging can be harmful. A “Nagging women” can be a great threat to the mental tranquility of men. Nagging is necessary at times, but it can also be fatal for a relation. The nagging you do drives your partner crazy. It further drives him away and destroys the closeness of the relation.
You have to learn to communicate effectively without sounding like a broken record. You can say it in many other ways rather than nagging.
For many women nagging is the only method of expressing what they want. But they never realize that it turns their partners away from them. It decreases the intimacy between couples.
Constant nagging often makes men think that their partners have no concern for their feelings. It is mostly observed that nagging makes the person feel offended.