Office romance—Good or bad for career

Office flings

29th August: If you feel inclined to initiate a romantic fling with your office colleague, think twice.

Office romance means falling in love with your boss or your colleague and it’s not something unusual or unheard of.

However, the fact is that although, the picture may seem very rosy, it can be a threat to your career.

Let us see how and why—

Warnings against indulging in office romance— A romance in the office can bring a good relationship among co-workers. And seeing the person you love everyday Office flingscan boost your productivity levels. Nonetheless, no matter how tempting or alluring it may appear to some, the reality is that you need to avoid indulging in office romance—

  • An office romance may result in losing your job if your firm’s policies don’t allow such relationships in your office.
  • Dating your boss is a big no-no, says a recent research. It can complicate relations between a subordinate and a boss. And this means difficulties in receiving or offering criticism.
  • Having a relationship with a colleague who is married can be dangerous since it may get discovered sooner or later and will pose big problems.
  • Workplace romance is known to cause conflicts, reveals a recent study where nearly 61 percent admitted that affairs were a big distraction in the office.
  • Whenever you see your partner close to someone in the office, you may feel jealous. And this can be a biggest conflict related to office romances.
  • An office romance can dampen the professional aspirations of any employee.
  • If such a relationship does not work, it can put undue stress and strain on both the partners and pose difficulties in work relationship.

Vague or unclear policies of the companies do not convey office romance rules to the workers. The need of the hour is that firms must have clear policies with regard to how an office romance will get handled by the official authorities.

Clarity about such rules can help employees a better decision whether or not office romance is good for them. This will help in knowing potential results of indulging in office romance.