Parents’ divorce scars kids life


15th January: Has your life been scared due to divorce of your parents?

Well, it has been seen that the divorce of your parents does affect your life. In fact, it could prove to be a barrier for you in having healthy and long lasting relationship.

Let’s see the issue in detail here—

Divorce scars kids’ life—Divorce has become quite common now days and it hardly makes any news. So, whenever we hear of breakdown of marriage/marriages, we, somehow, seem to react in a normal manner.

Divorce affects kidsHowever, we need to realize the destructive nature of divorce not only on the couple involved but on the kids of such parents. Several researches indicate that divorce of parents does affect children the most. And it’s due to the breakdown of the relationship of their parents, the studies show.

Why divorce scars kids’ life?—Well, we need to understand that children need to be nurtured and brought up with love and affection of both the parents. And when this love which is indispensable for your existence, has, for some reason or the other, drifted apart, it can put a question mark on the existence of the kids whose parents are divorced (or getting divorced).

  • Children get affected deeply and find it hard to recover from the affects of divorce of their parents. In fact, a child or children may even question the very concept of love, affection and commitment.
  • Innocence gets compromised when children witness arguments and fights of their parents. And this could lead to highly probability of having failed relationship in their lives as well. This means higher chances of divorce in their lives too.
  • Kids of divorced parents seem to lose faith in their parents. That’s due to arguments and fights between the parents. And in such a scenario, they rather prefer confiding in friends than their parents. Why? Because they, no longer, consider their parents as pillars of faith, love and wisdom.

We need to ponder on the fact that no marriage can be perfect. But let’s see what can be done to save our children from getting scared during and after divorce—

Make your children know that it’s not their(kids’) fault. Talk with them. Also, tell them that divorce is about change and has nothing to do with any blame-game. And it’s going to be a change for betterment.

Make sure not to belittle or disrespect your ex partner since it could hurt your children forever. This will reinstate that both mother and father will continue to be their parents forever and will always love them.