Points to Remember for a Girl on her First Date


Most of the girls do not spend time thinking about their first date. They go for it in a most casual way. They just talk and rarely do anything more than that. But what they ignore is that the very first date will decide the fate of the relationship for the rest of their life!
A few things to keep in mind on the First Date:
• Choose a good place for dating and then go for it.
• Keep the personal and do not invite others in it.
• Dress properly and behave well. This will make your partner eager for the next date.
• Try to feel what your partner wants or expects from you.
• Keep your partner’s likings and disliking in mind.
• Make a perfect planning for the date. Don’t wait for the last moment to decide what is going to happen.
• Try to show off your best side. Don’t show any negative side of yours .This might upset your partner.
• Don’t be late. Try to reach in time.
• Be polite and avoid any controversial issues.
• Make the first date memorable for the rest of your life.
• Make a perfect ending for the date.

A few things to find out in a man’s nature:

• Find out whether your partner has a good sense of humor.
• Look whether he is good in conversation or not.
• You have to note if he knows the proper manners.
• Find out whether he is honest in his moves.
• Also try to judge if he can compromise with things.
• Find out whether he is intelligent, emotional, and open-minded.
• You also need to know he is mentally on equal terms with you.
• Find out whether he is a good listener or he only prefers speaking about him.
• Also try to judge if he has a sense of humor.
• Find out if he has a positive outlook or is a pacimist.
• Find out what is his connection with his family i.e. Does he have a good relationship with them?
• Also try to judge whether he is superficial or he is real and true.
• Try to understand whether he is really interested in you or is dating with you merely to spend time.