Pros and Cons of Live-In Relationships

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What is a Live-in Relationship
A live-in relationship is an agreement where a couple decides to  stay together before a legal marriage to know each other better and to be able to satisfy their diverse needs. Though the trend is common in Developed nations, it is on rise in developing nations as well. This trend is being followed more among the youngsters in metros specially. They want to check their compatibility with their partner and see if they can stay together for lifetime. This is like a test drive before you plan to buy a new car, so that you are sure whether you can drive it for long distances or no. Though a live in relation is a highly matured decision like everything else even live in has its own merits and demerits.

live in relationship, relationship advicePros of Live-in Relationships

  • This relationship allows the two partners to spend more time with each other because time will no more be a reason for them to stay away from each other.
  • When living together they will know and realize the love and care they have for their partner. It allows them to know the various problems they would face in a relationship in the future, when they decide to get married to each other.
  • Some couples believe it is better to stay together before marriage so that later they don’t need to regret on their decision of getting married, In case any issues arise.

 Cons of Live-in Relationships

  • In short a live-in relationship has no adventures of discovering each other’s characteristics after marriage.
  • As of now there are no laws for live-in relationships in most of the countries, incidences like verbal and physical abuse are on the rise, though it is considered to be one of the most modern type of modern relationships.
  • The biggest disadvantage of a live-in relationship is societal criticize, because this type of relationship is not given any legal acceptance they are looked with disrespect.
  • It is difficult to move into another relationship after being in a live-in relationship, because it leaves you with a mental stress, which takes time to recover.


Here we have tried to highlight the pros and cons of live in relationships and brings to a close that couples should move into a live-in relationship only when they have spent some real good time with each other. Also there is lot of mutual trust, respect and lot of patience towards acceptance of each other’s shortcomings, space for each other and respect of individuality is a must for a live in relationship.