Reasons Disclosed for Losing Interest after Decades of Marriage


Marriages are made in heaven and brought into realty on earth. However, some of the married couples quit the sacred institution because of several reasons even after years of marriage. Experts have stated that, lack of communication is the major factor because of which couples go for divorce, which is the last stage of a broken relationship. With augment of time and technology, both men and woman are engaged in professional activities due to which they are unable to give time for themselves, which ultimately results in a distressful married life. Secret lives of the couples are taken as the major reason for splits even after years of marriage.
Reasons for losing interest
The secret lives which couples lead due to various reasons are the biggest drawback of any relationship. To have a deeper insight about the reasons why couples lose interest in each other even after decades of marriage it was found that, understanding of emotions, interest in doing activities together and busy schedule leads to losing interest in each other. In addition, it was also found that, indulging excessively in each other’s life also lead to losing interest. Be beaten of words while interacting or communicating is another reason why couples lose interest in each other.

Arguments have been taken up as another reason by the psychologists for being separated. Arguments often lead to physical harm or loss of property; couples take it as quit to prevent future damages and tussles. When couples lose interest in each other after decades of marriage, losing the feeling of love is the main reason, which has been given by the psychologists. Being irritated on small things or being over sensitive also creates differences among couples which results in losing interest. Limited physical relationship between the couples due to various reasons is a reason of losing interest after decades of marriage.
Measures that can kindle the fire of love
Going for counseling sessions would surely help if you were interested in creating a spark in your relationship. You can find a list of psychologists online with whom you can fix an appointment to get possible solutions to your problems. If lack of physical relations were the cause of losing interest, then trying new things would surely help. Improving communication will help in creating an understanding between the couples, which in result will help you in kindling the fire of love in your relationship. In addition, it will help in building trust between the couples. Lastly, it is important to understand the root cause of the problem to find the solutions accordingly to save your broken marriage.