Reasons Leading to Break Up of Marriage



There is an old saying` Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth “. But the present scenario speaks otherwise. Today for many people marriage is more a legal binding than an institution. Today marriage is found to be existing amongst legal papers only. The sanctity of the marital bond is often absent.

1. FRICTION REGARDING FINANCIAL ISSUES: THERE ARE MANY REASONS FOR BREAK UP. One of the most common reasons is friction regarding financial issues. Though friction is a natural outcome of the wear and tear of a conjugal life but the same can be fatal for the tie itself at times. Statistics reveal that couples disagreeing about financial matters are more prone to break up of marriage than those who have less conflict regarding such issues. Today people are running for money and this unnatural lust for money creates vast fissures in their marital tie.

2. DESIRE TO BE INDEPENDENT: THERE ARE OTHER REASONS FOR BREAK UP OF MARRIAGE. Desire to be independent often leads to break up of marriage which appears to be a binding for some people. They long for coming out of such bindings which lead to divorce.

3. EXTRA-MARITAL AFFAIR: Another reason for breakup of marriage is getting attracted towards another person. It is very common now-a-days and presently one of the most common reasons for divorce.
4. PHYSICAL INCOMPABILITY: Another major issue for breakup of marriage is physical incompability. It is applicable for both men and women though the problem is more pronounced in case of men. Though medical science has developed a lot still couples go for divorce rather than going for treatment.
5. CONFLICT IN TASTES AND DESIRES: Another common issue is difference which creates gulf of differences for many couples. For running a smooth marital life a couple should have some common tastes and choices. Lack of such common likings detoriate their relations.
6. ADDICTION TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOLS: Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is another issue for breakup of marriage. 90% of addicted people are more prone to divorce. Such addiction often leads to mental problems which ultimately lead to divorce.
7. SADISTIC TENDENCIES: Some people have sadistic tendencies which can be cured through psychological treatments if treated at the proper time. But such people never like to disclose their problems as such such tendencies remain in them thus destroying their married life.