Relationship Thrives On Mutual Attraction

Losing Interest in your Relationship?
Losing Interest in your Relationship?

In case of several long term relationships, including marriage, the partners may find the original romance, attraction or spark fading over certain time as compared to initial excitement at commencement of such relationship.


In such cases a feeling of neglect starts dissipating in the relationship leading partner to ponder whether the other stills feels the same original attraction. It is important to analyze the situation at hand in such times, before coming to harsh conclusions. It might so be the case that the other partner is simply tangled in his professional front or may have even reached a comfortable level of companionship wherein he/she doesn’t feel the requirement to play “court”. In this article the readers are provided with few steps to gauge the veracity of their doubts about- What if they are not attracted to their partner anymore?

Track Your Partner’s Passions

It becomes imperative that one keeps a track of the number of times the partner had tried to initiate intercourse over past few months. There might be a reduction in libido levels as one ages but that doesn’t imply the absence of passion in any relationship, though the frequency may get greatly reduced.

Touch Matters

Note the times or occasions when the partner touches you. This is a simple indication of continued attraction. Partners tend to become so dependent on each other for emotional support that they continually touch, kiss and hug to feel the other’s presence.

Compliment Keep the Machine oiled

If relationships are about perfect mechanical co-ordination, then compliments are the oiling for its parts. So note the times your partner compliments either your appearance or praises you. If the partner still notices the small changes in your daily appearances, it reveals his care and appreciation for you. This is also an indication of the emotional intimacy shared in the relationship. Also keep tab of the last time the two of you openly voiced your feelings or anxieties. Such exchanges are an indication of mutual trust and respect, a building block of good relationship.

Public Appearances

It is important to note your public appearances as a couple; this tends to reinstate your position of importance in the relationship. If this has considerable reduced then the cause may be reduced attraction towards the partner.

If the above observations tend to present a negative view, do not get disheartened. It simple means that the couple must fetch some expert counseling in order for their relationship to work.