Rihanna and Chris still sticks on

Rihanna and Chris
Rihanna and Chris

According to a source, Rihanna and Chris do not seem to be either together or apart, instead, Rihanna wants him to finish his tour and come back home so that they discuss the further course of their relationship.

The turbulence in the relationship

While Chris is moving from work, Rihanna is trying to keep herself busy and counting on the positives of her life. Of course, there have been strong evidences that the couple’s bond is quite turbulent. In fact, the lady was being assaulted by the man.

The rolling over

There are reports that in spite of differences amongst the two, the duo is trying to stay and stick together.

Rihanna says, “I decided it was more important for me to be happy.” She also added, “I won’t let anyone’s opinion getting in the way of the happiness.”

The couple is making an attempt to reconcile the relationship and this when they released “Nobody’s Business” a few months back.

The apology

Brown extended the apologies to Rihanna, and to control the instincts he was heard of joining “anger management classes” too.

In an interview to Oprah, Brown disclosed that the couple shares a string friendship.

The lady has assured at public forums that the couple do not have differences as they used to have and there are assurances that the couple do not argue any more. They are supposed to be valuing each other.

The beginning of reunion

After a tweet coming from Karrueche, Chris and Rihanna tried rekindling their “on-off” relationship. The pair also were spotted “making out” on one of the evenings, quite recently.

They also displayed their affection at a show on MTV. Even on the dance floor the couple was getting cosy, hot and heavy and later they were found out to be spending private moments all alone.

In fact, a source reports that the couple was spotted “hugging and kissing”, for which they went to the back of the club.

The duo entered the club only at an interval of 5 minutes which was another evidence of the relationship coming around.

People have been waiting for more news on the couples turning around and sticking together in the days to come.