Role of vastu shastra in a happy married life


A happy married life is what everybody seeks for but a few knows the key to it. Every person in this world dreams of a happily married life. For many, the dream remains unfulfilled. Following Vastu principles can give positive results.

Even after marrying the person whom one loves, the relation does not remain a sweet one. Vastu defects can cause tremendous effects one’s personal life. The problem is – wrong placements of articles.
In nature all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in balance. If a home is not in a perfect balance, it may cause differences in relations.

Vastu tips and guidelines for a successful married life:

Position of bedroom: The bedroom should be in the south-west of the house. The bedroom should not be placed in south-east since it is a fire place. It causes clashes between the couple. The bed is to be in the southwest portion of the bedroom and not in the northern and eastern zone of the bedroom which might cause mental stress and financial instability. Walls are to be painted in light colors like green, light blue. But red color is not advisable. Master bedroom in southeast can cause tension and stress in the family. Computer, mirror and T.V should not be placed in the bedroom.

Position of kitchen: According to Vastu, kitchen appliances like gas and sink that represents fire and water respectively. Gas oven is to be placed in South-east and water in North-east or North. Kitchen equipments are to be placed in southeast of house for a good relationship. Gas oven and sink in the kitchen has to be placed apart at a minimum distance of 4 feet. Sharp objects like knife and scissors should always be covered.

Position of Room for pooja: Pooja room should be placed in northeast of your home. It is also good for your relation.

Position of Toilet: Avoid water elements in southeast corner of the house. Toilet is recommended in the northwest of your house. Under ground water tank are not recommended in southwest of a home.

Position of storeroom: A store room placed in the southwest is a good option.

Position of cupboard: money should be kept in the northern or eastern area of the house as it is an important part of the life.