Say No to an Abusive Marriage

Children affected by an abusive marriage
Children affected by an abusive marriage
Children affected by an abusive marriage

A marriage can turn out to be abusive for anyone. No matter how long you have been in a relationship, no matter how new it is, an abusive marriage is one of the hardest things to deal with.

Also known as spousal abuse, it can take shape emotionally, physically and mentally. Emotional torture, physical violence or mental pressure can all be categorized as signs of an abusive marriage.

But unfortunately, the victims of an abusive marriage or the abused spouses are always unwilling to voice their grievances. They rather chose to stay silent or ignorant and do not want to recognize the dark side of their marriage as abusive.  This is not necessarily what they want but surely has a pile of reasons behind it. These reasons may include love, financial constraints and the biggest of all ‘children.’

No parents like to see their children suffer and so, the abused spouse, mostly the females prefer to deal with domestic abuse and violence just for the sake of her child/children. Yes, the concern is right, may be just financially or in terms of security but is it actually a wise decision to bear an abusive marriage for the sake of children? Experts say No! Find out why:

  • An abusive relationship hits the psychology of the child affecting him/her greatly. Seeing violence and overhearing arguments all the time makes the child just think about the same posing  a great threat to his/her mental and physical growth.
  • It is a great possibility that during a heated argument, a child becomes an inevitable part of it. He/she might sometimes be blamed and scolded and also physically hurt, torturing his/her mind set at such a tender age.
  • Witnessing domestic violence may also bend the child’s frame of mind that way, resulting in him/her falling as a victim to it in future.
  • Children, at an early age tend to start hating their abusive parent, in most cases their fathers, as a result spoiling the relationship for a lifetime.
  • A child living in such an atmosphere may turn out to be dull and inattentive, even in school.

An abusive relationship might sometimes be out of control. The abused spouse may consider giving another chance to it. But again, marriage experts and psychologists say that in most cases, it is almost impossible to curb violence and arguments. It is always better for a child to not fall prey to witnessing domestic issues like this and suffer psychological strains.  So, it is always advisable to raise your voice and walk out of an abusive marriage with confidence so as to lead a better life.