Inside story – what led to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Break-Up

Selena and Justin
Selena and Justin
Selena and Justin
Selena and Justin

The news has been out and is final that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have made their separate ways. In the music world, both Selena and Bieber were termed as a super couple.


The rumors starting buzzing soon enough Bieber, 18, and Selena, 20, have broken up silently. The couple was into a relationship for two years. The experts from the industry are stating that, it was because Justin was not faithful in their relationship, the split happened. Some of the sources even stated that, it was because of the program schedule, which both were having made it impossible to maintain the relationship.


Hopes for reconciliation are still there among the fans who loved the couples the most.


Reason for the breakup

However, some of close sources of both the celebrities have stated that, it was because of the covetousness of Selena that Justin decided to pull the plug. The industry reports, which came in, clearly showed that, Selena was always dramatic about all the exes of Justin. The reports also showed that, Selena should not have reacted about Justin’s exes as none of them was in her league.


Some of the friends of the pair told the news reporters that, both Selena and Justin got involved into petty issues, which led to arguments that killed their relationship.


Both Justin and Selena were unavailable for their comments. Even checking their social networking updates, nothing was found out about the breakup, but it was confirmed by the friends that they are not a couple anymore.


Close associates of Justin Bieber made the point that Selena was unhappy about the large girl fan following which Justin was having. Before the breakup, Selena had posted some pictures of Justin with the model of Victoria’s Secret, Barbara Palvin. Along with the pictures, the tweets, which Selena gave, clearly showed that she did not like her boyfriend to be with someone else. After the tweets were surfaced, Palvin reported and stated that Bieber only belongs to Selena.


Looking into the future

The reasons are not yet being clear, but reportedly, it is being said that, Selena broke up with Bieber. Even the associates of Selena made statements, which clearly mentioned Selena was in love with Justin, but she could not take the list of his girlfriends who continuously popped up in front of her.


As the news came out of the breakup, it was indigestible for the reporters, as many of them had clicked pictures of the couple having a lovely time. Experts who have seen these issues quite often made their statements that, “It cannot be confirmed that both Selena and Justin has parted their ways as none of them are saying officially about it.”


The news about the breakup has spread like wildfire and is everywhere across the internet. Even some of the top websites are reporting the news of the Selena Justin breakup. Some of the web portals on which the story of Selena Justin split is given are saying that, “This is the time when these issues are common. Today the couple has disintegrated next day they might be back.”