Signs of a Failing Marriage

Your marriage may end up in Divorce
Your marriage may end up in Divorce
Your marriage may end up in Divorce

To cultivate and maintain a married life well requires an intention cocooned in love from both the partners. Apart from love, respect for the other person’s ideas, thoughts and decisions is what makes a married life happy. But unfortunately, couples who lack this rapport usually end up parting ways.

When was the last time you went out for a romantic dinner with your spouse?  When was the last time you discussed your job and workplace with your soul mate? When was that last time when you spent some quality time at a spontaneously planned vacation? If all these questions do not take you on cloud nine with the memories clearly flashing in your mind, then all does not seem well.

Some signs and gestures can help identify the level at which the relationship is. These signs and signals are listed below:

  • Lack of communication                                                                                                                           Communication is an extremely important factor to maintain a healthy relationship. Communicating with your partner makes you speak your heart out addressing your grievances, likes and dislikes. But when silence prevails, a strong lack of communication is what the relationship suffers. This may lead to greater conflicts, unfulfilled expectations and much more.
  • Increased arguments

Fights and arguments may prove to be healthy for some relationships provided they are in limit. Having a disagreement over every issue leading to an enormous fight every time is not pleasing and hence gives rise to frustration among the couple.

  • Being unaware

Or it may be called not bothered! Not knowing what your spouse is going through, the problems faced by each of you or simply just ignoring things is the worst scenario a marriage can face. Not showing keen interest in your husband’s business activities or never paying heed to your wife’s little requirements empties the relationship of good memories and floods it with discontentment.

  • Constantly failing attempts

Yes, you want to give it another chance. You do want to set things right by starting afresh. But alas, that is sometimes mere fantasy and the reality is totally opposite. Constantly failing to avoid misunderstandings may dig the marriage into deeper trouble and end up finishing it.

  • Your spouse is always wrong

No man is perfect! Everybody has to commit mistakes but at the same time if the positive gestures are ignored and only the negative ones highlighted, it causes greater agitation and disappointments. Not appreciating any action of your spouse does no good. It rather complicates the relationship further pushing it into the black hole of divorce!

If these signs are constant and evident in a marriage then it can unfortunately be put to a full stop leaving you both devastated and lonely.