Signs of a healthy relationship

Signs of healthy relationship
Signs of healthy relationship

A relationship is the most complex structure. There are very few efforts which can give you a healthy bond and at the same time there are very few reasons to malign the same.

However, when you’re into it, sometimes you get confused and sit back to think if everything is fine or you need to work upon it.

Here are a few signs which will tell you if you have a healthy relationship.

You still wait for your beloved one

Even after a long period of relationship if you still wait for your spouse to return back home and you are eager to return back eagerly as well after winding up your official work then you can be relaxed.

A glimpse brings smile

Whenever and wherever you see your loved one it always brings a smile on your face, which means you still have the same spark and warmth for your partner.

You wait for the surprises

Surprises coming from him or her still gives you  a lot thrill, in fact you keep waiting for something new coming from your partner’s end.

You wait for his touch

You keep waiting to touch him and being touched by him. The sensation is still the same as it was when you were touched for the first time.

You trust him more than yourself

You’re still so much in love with him that you trust him more than anyone else. In fact you trust his decisions and analysis more than n even yours.

He is the first one to be called

When you’re in problem, big or small the first Peron you think of contacting and communicating is your loved one. You can speak your mind and heart out without the fear of being judged.

You feel confident walking together

When you walk into a party with your loved one, you walk like a winner who doesn’t need to conquer anything else as he has won everything possible on this earth.

You love to be known of him

You take pride in the fact that he is there in your life and you’re there a part of him.

When you see most of the above mentioned signs then you can be relaxed that your relationship is moving on track. Keep working to ensure that it runs with a good speed, neither too fast nor too slow.