Signs of Emotionally Abusive Relationship


You yourself should analyze if you are in an abusive relationship or not. When your partner is consistently abusing you vocally and physically (abusive words and beatings) then you are in an abusive relationship. Nothing is more important than your self esteem and your freedom. Do not continue to keep this kind of relationship on if you find plenty of abusive characteristics in your partner. Here are some of the tips for you to help you analyze if your relationship is worth it or not.

Emotional Abuse Signs

1. Your partner secludes you from friends and relatives
This is a prime trait of an abusive relationship. Secluding your partner from your friends and family means he is just interested in controlling you and your life. The main reason behind this behavior could be he is threatened by your concerns with your friends and family.

2. Serious envious problems
Don’t make the mistake of considering a jealous partner cute. If you pursue your relationship with a person who is envy just because you are happy with your friends, that guy/girl doesn’t deserve to be with you.

3. He/she shows himself/herself better than you in any aspect
The people who are not really glad with their own professional or personal life, only those kinds of people show the certain attitude.

4. Your relationship is over gripping
This can be a sign of danger in any relationship if a person is obsessed with his/her partner and there is no way out. Try not continuing and get this abusive relationship ended ASAP.

5. Always pointing finger/blaming on you
Just don’t apologize continuously for the mistakes you have not done. Your abusive partner will take advantage of your this weakness constantly.

6. Never paying attention to your saying
Abusive partners make you wait purposely and they always want you pay full attention to you but they themselves don’t do so.

7. He/she is always commanding and never give you space
As said before do not treat this trait cute or romantic if your partner does not respect you and locks up your personal space.

8. Wants to be always around you
If your partner is continuously calling/texting everywhere you go then there is a simple reason that your partner is over possessive or he/she doesn’t respect you; it’s an abusive relationship sign.

9. Continuous mood swings problems
If your partner is loving and caring at one moment and uncontrollably angry in another moment, this extreme mood swings are really alarming signals of abusive relationship.