Signs that You are Madly in Love


Are you in Love24th April: Are you madly in love? Want to know?

Well, here are some vital signs to know whether you are in love or not?

Being in love is, indeed, a wonderful feeling. Let us see signs of being in love madly—

Signs you are madly in love—

  • Unexplained happiness—Do you find yourself being in job for absolutely no reason? Well, you may be in love. Yes, it has been stated by a renowned anthropologist from Rutgers University, Helen Fisher. Fisher states that when one is in love, the dopamine levels increase in the brain due to more flow of blood to the regions where dopamine(a pleasure chemical) is present. Hence, the person becomes more full of life and excited.
  • Blushing all the time—Are you always blushing and lost in your thoughts? And this has been true ever since you felt smitten for the first time? Well, you are definitely in love.
  • Butterflies—Do you experience butterflies in your stomach? And do you want to know why all this is happening? Scientists believe that such a feeling is due to adrenalin released by our body because of experiencing nervousness for falling in love.
  • Cant think of anyone but your lover?—You can’t help thinking of any other person except your lover all the time? And you find focusing on other things quite difficult? Well, you are madly in love.
  • You find different reasons to talk with the person daily—Do you come up with different reasons to talk with your lover every day? This is yet another indication that you are madly in love with the person.
  • Waiting for his/her phone—Are you always just waiting for the phone call from the person you feel smitten by? Well, this eager wait for the phone calls are a sure shot message that you have fallen in love madly. After all, the person’s call or message brightens up your whole day.
  • Hearing the name makes your cheerful—If you ever hear the name of that special person, you become cheerful at once and you may even skip a heartbeat. This is surely a clear sign of being madly in love with that person.
  • Take extra time to dress up—Do you feel the need to look your best now days and take some extra time for dressing up every day? And this is especially so when you have to meet that special person? Then you are already madly in love.