Signs that You’re Ready to Settle Down


30th April: Are you ready to settle down? Know the signs that will help you find out.

Do you know whether you are ready to tie the knot?

Signs you are ready to settle down Signs that you’re ready to settle down—Are you ready for marriage? Following are the signs that its time to settle down.

  • When you are willing to listen or compromise on anything, then it’s a sure indicator that you are ready for marriage
  • You get a cat or a dog(or any other living being)together
  • Do you feel continuing the adventure? Well, it’s a sure indicator that you are ready to take the plunge now.
  • When you start saving money for a car, a house or even a baby, then you are ready to settle down.
  • Are you accepting your partner’s flaws without any conditions? You are ready to settle down.
  • If you don’t feel that you may be missing out on some better option, you are ready for marriage.
  • You cannot imagine living without that person.
  • You feel prepared to place someone ahead of yourself.
  • You feel worried about the person going for a long drive without you? It’s a sure indicator for that you are ready to go ahead for marriage.
  • You don’t question whether you might be willing to be with some other person down the line.
  • When you feel your stable not just spiritually and financially but emotionally too.
  • You only want to notice that person.
  • When you feel that the other person brings out the best out of you.
  • Its really great to become the first person of your group to tie the knot.
  • You had enough of bad relationships. So, now, you are ready to settle down with this person.
  • When a realization comes that you want to spend each and every single waking minute with that person.
  • When you find ridiculous to fancy the idea of not getting hitched, then it’s a sure indicator that you are ready to settle down.
  • You want the only person to notice you is that special person, then you are really ready for a marriage.
  • When you no longer hide your stretch marks(or your loopholes or imperfections) simply because you are sure that your partner loves you despite of all imperfections.
  • When you unconditionally accept all the flaws of your partner, then you are definitely ready for marriage.
  • You have discovered someone you can now sleep with.

All the above mentioned signs are a sure indicator that you are ready to settle down.