Silence: Can it give different meaning to your relationship?

Silence can be killing
Silence can be killing
Silence can be killing

A couple living next door seems to be quiet, whether this is healthy or an unhealthy one no one knows that.

Many a times in a relationship the couple prefer to maintain silence which could have diversified meaning.

The different forms of being silent

  • A silence could be strengthening when you know that your partner is there with you without asking for anything from you. In fact, the bond of trust is so deep and strong that he need not talk to you to understand your state of mind. This could reflect an unconditional love and support.
  • Your partner could be silent as a mark of pain going inside him or her. This could be due to any of the act of yours which has hurt the person and has created a misery for him or her.
  • It could also mean that your partner is not interested in you or the relationship hence he or she prefers to be quiet instead of talking the thoughts out.

Can be deteriorating

If a couple do not talk to each other, there is no communication established leading to a situation when the love comes out of the relationship leaving no space for “hope” to be there.

Gradually, he develops the art of living separately in spite of staying under the same roof because both of you down exchange notes. Finally, the relationship falls apart.

Can be rejuvenating

When the issues are too broad and wide to get discussed, entering into a silent mode would rather help the situation. You may find space to rejuvenate yourself and get back to your partner with greater zeal and enthusiasm. So, keeping silence for some time could actually give a new life to your relationship.

Ensure that it doesn’t continue for too long

Make sure that even if you need some time to come over a pain, you down allow quietness to prevail your relationship for a longer period of time. A person may develop a comfort zone by being silent and hence it may cause more of troubles than giving you any solution.

Can kill a relationship

If it dominates your relationship for a long time you may see it killing your bond, taking away the beauty of it. You may live together but will lack “togetherness”. There could be a situation when you have been facing all the odds of a bond keeping quiet for years and suddenly your rage gets erupted. And this would happen only after you have gone through a lot of pain, ultimately killing your relationship.

Silence can work as a “killer” and “saviour” both. You may use it to cleanse the dirt of your relationship and may also use it as a weapon to impart to the other partner. In any case, it has both good and bad effects. It can revive your bond with someone and can also take it to an extent where you will have nothing more to work upon.