Smart ways to date your mate

Dating your mate

18th August: Are you ready to get started for dating your mate but are feeling short of ideas?

Well, don’t worry.  There are lots of ways to connect with your mate and have a great time together.

Let’s see how—

  • Try something new—Novelty fuels passion, goes a common saying. This is true in case of a relationship too. Most often, in any relationship, passion is high in the beginning. However, with passage of time, life seems to become monotonous. And it calls for the need of keeping the spark of love intact by trying something exciting like-going for skydiving, taking up tennis lessons, joining a dancing class or whatever it may be.
  •  Prioritize time—For couples feeling short of time to connect with each other on frequent intervals, the best thing is to set a time(which may be not every week but Dating your matejust once a month) but make sure to prioritize it.
  •  Be Creative—Creativity is the essence of life. And it can do wonders for those wanting to date their mate. So, be open to explore new ideas while dating your mate.
  • No room for business—Never spoil the charm of date by dragging business or household into it. And you must not discuss finances or kids. Rather talk about your dreams and feelings. It is a special time to grow and rekindle your love.
  • Compliment your mate—Just because you have been together with your mate for quite some time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compliment or appreciate him or her. Don’t shy away from using the art of compliments.
  • Flirt—Send your mate flirty texts-be it ‘I love you’ or anything that adds passion and fire into your relationship. Leaving a love note can add excitement for you and your date.
  • Feeding your mate—Have you taken the initiative of feeding your mate often or was it just limited to your wedding day only? If no, then bring alive the love in your life back once again by feeding each other.
  • Touch and stay connected—Physical touch is a simple means to keep connected with your soul mate. This simple gesture can convey your love for your mate.