Spending Quality Time with Your Spouse Helps Your Relation to Grow


Ask yourself “do you spend quality time with your spouse?” Maybe both of you stay together, work together or have fun together regularly but do you really spend any quality time together? Do you spend considerable time each day interacting? Are you sure that you share your feelings, likings, disliking like how you used to do when you were first together?

That is the cause of many couples moving apart from each other with time. In order to strengthen your  marital bond, it is necessary for both of  you   to spend time together .You also need to make the time spent more quality up to your level best. This does not mean only sitting together in the house and watching TV program together.

You may find enough time in your daily schedule, but it is important for you to learn to manage the time you can afford to have. Keep trying to take out more time. Don’t keep looking for time forever, otherwise you will achieve nothing. Try to use the time you have in your hands as much as it is possible for you.

If you know how to spend quality time with your partner, you can strengthen the relationship and start taking steps to make the relationship nearer. A happy couple should always come closer with the passing of time. They try to know themselves better each day. As one does not stop growing as a person, one should not also stop coming closer day by day. Spending quality time together helps in doing that.

At the present time it is very tough to spend good quality time with your spouse. It is either due to reason that the children have so many curricular as well as extracurricular activities which makes you involved in them or may be as both of you are working having busy schedules for  long hours daily. Whatever might be the reason, it is crucial to spend quality time with your spouse.

Statistics reveal that only about 20 %of the married women go for daily dates with their husbands. The best way to take out some quality time with your spouse is doing something that you do in your daily life.


Things to do:


  1. Spend an evening together .It is the best option for spending quality time with your spouse. You can keep your kids out of home with your relatives or friends for that evening.
  2. Finish off a bottle of your favorite drink together.
  3. Have a bath together. It gives you pleasure and fun. It might draw both of you closer.