Stars of Hollywood with Multiple Marriages


Multiple marriages are very popular in Hollywood since the early days of it. Even in the golden age of movies as soon as the stars stated feeling their popularity their personal lives were inquired by the people. If you are a common man and you have married more than once, no one cares for it. But if you a Hollywood star, people will pay much attention to your marriage.

Some of the celebrities in Hollywood have been married and divorced for more than four times and they do not believe that there is anything wrong in it. Those people not being celebrities having gone through a divorce once or more are not worth inquiring.  There are some stars who very proudly say that they have married for four to nine times.

Celebrities have a knack for marrying. Divorces and marriages are very common events in their lives, as such it becomes difficult to remember who happens to be their spouse and who is not so at the moment. This list includes both men and women with multiple marriages. There are many people who are always willing to marry someone who have tied the knot many times before. It might be the reason that earning fame through the marriage gives them an advantage.

Some stars with multiple marriages:

1.    Elizabeth Taylor with seven marriages –   married for seven times with six men, Elizabeth Taylor’s life had always been extraordinary right from the beginning. She went on to marry and divorce for so many times during her life that it was in itself a sensational story.

2.       Tom Cruise with three marriages – The older Tom Cruise is the younger, the hotter his women associated with him. He has been married three times and still green forever.

3.       Billy Bob Thornton with five marriages – Angelina’s ex husband has married for five times and the longest one lasted only four years.

4.       Ulrika Jonson with three marriages – Ulrika Jonson had not been so lucky. Many of her profile relationships did not end in marriage and some marriages did not work well.

5.    Janice Dickinson with three marriages – Janice was among the earliest supermodels and she had been married for a number of times which failed on three occasions.

6.    Joan Collins with five marriages – Joan Collins tied the knot five times. At the age of 77 she i s with a much younger man of 32 years younger to her.

7.      Jennifer Lopez with three marriages –   Jennifer Lopez has proved that practice makes someone perfect. She stayed for one year to her first husband, two years to the second one.

8.     Britney Spears with two marriages – Britney spears married twice during her lifetime. But compared to many other stars she i slagging behind in the matter of marriage.