Steps to Improve Your Intimate Relationship


How to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship28th September: Do you know how to improve your intimate relationship and make it one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.

It takes energy as well as time to create and maintain a successful relationship. Moreover, true intimate relationship requires willingness and courage of both the partners.

So, let us discover the steps to create a truly intimate and happy relationship—

  • Using relationships to know how can one be whole within—Use your relationships to know how can you be whole within. Only then can you share your life. You must love not just the togetherness but also the distances in your relationship.
  • Become specific—You need to become specific about what you really want. Be clear about your goals. Only then you can look forward to realizing your real results. If you say what you want to do and when you are actually going to do it, you are making it possible to know whether you have been successful in reaching your goals.
  • Living, loving and sharing—foundations of best relationship—Let others live but make sure it doesn’t affect the dignity of others around. Don’t direct other people’s choices. Loving is equally important especially unconditional love. And sharing is helpful in creating harmony in any relationship. In fact, balance and harmony are vital for a good relationship.
  • Become open to learn—Both the partners must become willing to learn from each other. That’s really important. Don’t blame your partner whenever you feel upset. Rather, become awake to have an intimate relationship.
  • Alone is good—Learn to spend some time every day with yourself. Its good. You need to feel secure, happy and complete when you are alone because it is good to be with just yourself.
  • Accept ordinariness—Ordinariness in any relationship is not bad. In fact, it can be the real fruit of an intimate relationship. Accept ordinariness as sharing your life with your partner becomes extraordinary.
  • Expand your heart—Do you crave for real happiness? Expand your heart. Yes, it is true. Expanding your heart is the best ingredient for creating and enjoying real intimacy in your relationship.
  • Give love—Love yourself but also love others as well. It is helpful if you want to get loved deeply. So love others to find genuine happiness in your relationship.
  • Don’t expect too much—Too many expectations can wreck your relationship. Offer love in abundance and don’t expect too much.