The Art of handling twin children

Handling Twin Children
Handling Twin Children

A new parent always keeps wondering about how well they can handle a child. If you are blessed with twin children then your worries are multiplied.

Anyone who has handled kids and enjoyed parenting would surely agree that handling two of them together, who are identical in age and needs is quite a big challenge for those who have experienced it or likely to experience it.

When you hear for the first time that you have two but not one in your lap, first reaction is quite exciting but gradually when you actually come to live the same you understand the trick of it.

The challenges

  • If the cycle is the same for both of them so they’ll feel hungry together, they might potty together and the other chores would also happen at the same time.
  • The nursing has to be done at the same time.
  • They have to be taught at the same time.
  • You may suffer from sleep depreciation and might feel sleepy and sick all the time.

The way out

  • Be prepared to extend your maternity leave and wait for the twins to grow a little big so that they their needs are expressed by people other than you.
  • Keep a full time helper to help you do the daily chores.
  • Right from beginning try and set their time tables a little separate from each other so that you don’t have to juggle with both of them at the same time.
  • Ensure that you put them off to sleep together so that you get a little respite when they are sleeping.
  • You can also teach them together so that they get into the habit of group learning.
  • See to it that they are not too dependent on each other, this may create difficulties for them when grow up. For every small and big thing they would depend on each other.
  • Get them into the habit of sleeping on their own rather than rocking them to sleep. This will make them independent and save you from the hassle of rocking two babies.
  • Keep one child away from the other in case one of them has fallen sick. This is important to save the uninfected one from catching the same kind of infection.

Parenting two children is a mammoth task, but your biggest reward is when they reciprocate their love for you. This pure feeling is purer than anything else in the world and you will only get it from your kids. Hence enjoy it and wait for the time they grow up.