The difficult circumstances that can strengthen your marital bond

Stronger marital bond
Stronger marital bond
Stronger marital bond

When you live with your marital partner for years, you come across plenty of experiences. Some of them may be too soft that you would like to cherish them for the rest of your life. And some w could be quite hard and difficult and may actually prove to be a “litmus test” for you re relationship.

Some of the experiences that make your marriage stronger

Suffering from an ailment: Suddenly, when the doctor breaks the news to your spouse that you are suffering from a disease which would take considerable time for you to cure, you may see a big change in your partner. All these days, the person who never bothered if you have had your food or not, now makes it a point to serve with his own hands. And largely there is more of care you get from your love than you got ever before.

Going through a financial crunch: you have lost all your money and have even very little to spend on your daily needs a situation which is nothing but tough. Your partner, who compromised on her needs and wishes, now learns to accommodate the way it suits you. Someone who is so “brand conscious” and loved to go for shopping has now learnt to control her desires and is trying to support you financially in whatever way she can. This is the time when you are enjoying your dinner more than before because you are making a sincere effort to make each other feel as comfortable as possible.

Getting out of job: One fine day, you reach office and get to know that you don’t hold the job any more. You are scared and ashamed of coming home, at night when you do return back and inform your spouse about the news, all you receive is a big hug which expresses it all that holding or not holding a job has nothing to do with your marriage and the love which prevails your lives.

Getting the news that you can’t have a baby biologically: You so very want to have a baby and went for a series of check-ups, but, the result is quite discouraging. You get to hear that you will not be able to have one of your own at least biologically. You may expect your spouse to get upset about the whole affair and you may feel guilty too, because there is a medical problem with you. But, your spouse enacts as if there is no need of a child in your relationship and he is absolutely fine even without having a child. You never imagined if he could be this loving too.

There are phases in life which change the meaning of a relationship. Difficult circumstances may not only bring devastations but may also strengthen a bond and bring two people even more closely. This is true for a couple more than any other relationship because they face any such situation like two sides of the same coin.