The emotional carry-over your girl-friend may have

Emotionally disturbed girl-friend
Emotionally disturbed girl-friend

Have you got into a new relationship? And you find your girl-friend to behave in a little weird way than the others?

If yes, then you need to read the following lines.

She may be carrying a baggage

When you notice such behaviour from your girl-friend, you must analyse the same in deep details. Make sure that you wrack her past, not to get detective but to help her in a better way.

The signs of baggage

  • She doesn’t like the company of men: You may find her not to be ling the company of men other than you. In fact, with you also she refrains herself from being in her normal self.
  • She gets into a shell all of a sudden: You may find her getting into a shell all of a sudden. One fine day she is bubbly enough, but on the next day or rather next minute, her behaviour gets changed.
  • She displays to be independent: She might pose that she is not depend on you emotionally, at least much. And this could be because she might have been bitten by someone in the past. She is scared of depending on you or anyone else due to the fear of being cheated and dumped again.
  • She avoids getting into a long term relationship: She has so much fear of losing people that she does not want to get into a permanent relationship or even a long term relationship.
  • She avoids celebrating: Even if you share a success with her, she is scared of celebrating the same. In fact, when she herself achieves something in life, she refrains herself from any loud celebration. May be she has more of failures and less of successes in her life.

The support you can provide

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is to provide enough mental support to your love.
  • Understand her emotional needs and be with her in the time of crisis.
  • Adjust according to her mood fluctuations.
  • Try and convince her that past was past, and now you are there with her to begin a new life altogether.
  • Make her understand that she is the most important possession for you and you really count on her in your life. To be precise make her feel important and wanted.
  • Make her gain confidence and get back the sheen of her life.
  • If needed you can take her to a counsellor or a professional expert so that things can be handled in a better way.
  • Hold on to your patience, because love always accepts the person the way he or she is.

No person or relationship can be perfect; to make it a success you need to work on it. You can think of a “happy love story” only when you have the attitude to give and devote yourself to the relationship. Understand that the past of a person can really haunt him or her and hence help your girl friend to overcome the pain and agony.