The fairy-tale love story of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes comes to an end

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break up
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break up

After five years of marriage Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes call it quits.  Although the reason for the divorce cannot be told with certainty, however some unknown sources have revealed that the couple always had arguments over Cruise’s close association with scientology.

They had difference of opinion about whether or not scientology should become a part of their daughter Suri’s life or not. Sources reveal that Holmes wants total custody of Suri.

Cruise was earlier married twice before he married Katie Holmes.  His first marriage was with actress Mimi Rogers and then with actress Nicole Kidman for good ten years. After his divorce with Nicole Kidman he had a brief affair with actress Penelope Cruz. He married Katie Holmes in 2006.  It started like a fairy tale romance.

Cruise jumped up on the couch in Oprah Winfrey’s show to admit his love for Katie Holmes and soon after that they had an elaborate wedding in an Italian castle.  At that time Holmes was still  coming up as a star. Cruise was head over heels for her and the marriage was a dream come true for Holmes.

Everyone felt that this time it would last forever for Cruise. However, recently the couple has been having difference in opinions about Cruise’s close association with scientology.

Holmes did not want their daughter Suri to be dragged into it and especially at an age where she could not make her own choices. However the exact reason behind the split has not yet been confirmed.

Although the couple is not very happy about the separation, Holmes confesses that the differences are irreconcilable.

The couple had got married in November 2006 and they have been followed by the celebrity press since then.

When they got married, Holmes was a nascent star who earned fame on TV show “Dawson’s Creek” Later she earned lot of appreciation in independent films.

Cruise is 16 years senior to her,  was best paid in the market. His career was enjoying the best of times and he had a row of blockbusters in his bag.

They got married and generated a hope in the press and others that this marriage would be a long lasting one. Unfortunately, it remained as a dream only.