The honeymoon phase or the infatuation phase

Honeymoon Phase

honeymoon-phaseNothing seems greater than falling in love. When you fall in love, you are always on cloud nine. Even a touch or a sight of your loved one thrills you and makes you delighted. In fact you wait every minute to see your darling and don’t want to be away from him or her even for a fraction of second.

Everyone else seems to be an alien and a “disturbing factor”.

But, have you ever realized the reason behind the same?

Perhaps, you have not.

What makes you excited?

The very sight of your partner or your loved one generates an excitement in your body and mind. Believe it or not, more than anything else, it is the “biological reason” behind this. You would be amazed to hear that it’s not only the love between the two of you but also the secretion of “neurochemicals” which keeps you high. And this is the reason why a touch of your partner generates a stimulus in your body and a sight itself is a reason enough for you to get cosy with your loved one.

Why are the honeymoon couples found to be so intimate?

If you look at the honeymoon couple, you will always see them arm in arm and hand in hand. They will never be even an inch apart from each other. The viewers have a feeling that it’s the love and love only which keeps them tied together. But, in reality, it is also the chemical secretion which makes them feel attracted towards each other. A

And this is the reason why they don’t want to be away Frome ach others sight even for a second. They keep appreciating each other, keep pampering each other because physically they feel attracted mutually too.

Is it only love or addiction?

It is of course love that binds the two souls together. But, there is no doubt about the fact that it is addiction too. The addiction of making love again and again because of the pleasure and relaxation one gets out of the new experience, it is the addiction of exploring a new individual, his or her body or soul to the extent one can.

One is allowed to cross all the boundaries and get intimate without any disturbance from the world and hence enjoying every bit of each other and every minute of each other.

Falling in love and enjoying the initial days of relationship is probably the most wonderful phase in life. It fills you with continents, happiness and integrates your should and body with a person you love the most and want to be with for the rest of your life. Even if it for the chemical reasons more than anything else, there is no harm in thoroughly enjoying this phase and making eh most of the adventures of “love life”. After all, it gives you a different experience in life and completes you as a person.