The Ideal State of Dating: Dating with True Passion



Ever evaluated your dating life? How many times you would have thought that surely this is the one for the rest of my life only to witness a slow disintegration of a relationship that defeated both of you. Rules are generally a burden to be followed and one tends to gets exhausted with the dos’ and don’ts. The conscience traps and legalistic principles often prevent true intimacies in each other’s pursuit of true love.

A mature dating relationship is rare and scarce. Dating is reflective of parched hearts hungering for acceptance and the emotions can get high at the slightest instances of signs that give indication of waning. It makes the other person that the inevitable collapse has begun. Regardless, how much one feels for each other during the dating days one cannot give each other unconditional love. Therefore, the affection given to each other is driven by the thrills and it is impossible to make the right choices of regardless how hard one tries to avoid the disappointments.

So what is the secret to everlasting happiness during dating? Does it have to be the sacrificial love? No, this would become huge strain as the days go by. So the answer rests in sharing the ecstasy of sharing each other’s expectation and confide as to what can be fulfilled and what can be left as not doable. Before, one can get into this thought one has to truly understand how much one is already loved. So, the idea is to open the heart and the mind to this passion of expression and prepare for the openness of the relationship that one can now expect to get in return. In case things have to work, they will at the very beginning and there will be early signs of that.
To put it down in phases, the first one would be to lay down the requirements of understanding each other’s needs. The second phase would be deal with the relationship with accepting the good in each other and resolving differences, if any, and the third would be to thrash out the level of intimacy one would like to get into.

While comparison is an obvious outcome, obsession with one’s focus to create an ideal relationship may not work altogether. Rather, it is the feeling of making the best of what one has got from each other and being grateful about the entire experience of being with each other. While happiness is an expectation out of the whole experience of dating, it is one thing that cannot be guaranteed as a omnipresent element that is suppose to last forever. It is always good to be sensitive to each other’s ego and prevent oneself to go about doing anything that would be harsh on the entire relationship. Getting two people to stay together in any relationship requires tact as well as honesty. Give yourself the opportunity to build and nurture and allow the same to the other.