The Importance of pre-marriage counselling

Pre- Marriage Counseling
Pre- Marriage Counseling

Counseling has become an integral part of our lives. Whenever we get stuck anywhere, the first and foremost thing we look forward to is “counseling”. However, if this beautiful medicine is taken before the damage is done; it would probably be more meaningful than otherwise.

When you intend to get married and plan out the D-Day, it is equally important that you know your partner in true sense. This means, you can either visit a professional or take help of “Do It Yourself” counseling.

If you’re still thinking that is it really important top go for pre-marriage counseling then read the following

Know your partner

You must have dated for quite some time now, before arriving at the decision of marrying this person of your choice, but probably that’s not enough. Now, when you are getting into a commitment, you should try and explore your partner. This doesn’t mean his or her likes and dislikes in term soft food and wall paint color only but also as a person what he or she is. Later, you should not see the behavior and expressions as a shock. So spend time and explore you would be spouse.

Know the past

You cannot afford to know every single day of you would be spouses past life, but you can take a glimpse and know the important happenings which may affect your relationship in future.

Plan the future

It is very important that you understand the future planning and share yours one with you would be. This would again include the timing and number of children, buying a home if you don’t have one and any other financial issues which you think Amy arise later.

Share your earnings

If you haven’t told you would be about the earnings you make, its better you don’t delay it any further. Everything should be clear in black and white to avoid any speculation.

Plan the basic chores

Decide upon little things like doing the basic chores, taking turns as they may look trivial but can be great causes of fight between a couple.

Plan the lifestyle

Ensure that you have broad outlines of spending a life style after marriage so that both of clear in your mind about the expenditures you may incur and earnings you need to make.

Counseling has become an essential necessity for most of the couples these days, a pre marriage one would preferably keep you away from lot of blues.